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Duane Ali
Head of Science,
Rydens Enterprise School
The feedback from the Yr10 and Yr11, using Logon Science, from 2013-14 (last academic Year group) was incredibly positive. As a dept. we set ourselves a target of 70% A-C for the Additional Science as this was an area requiring improvement. Logon Science, I believe, played a role as one of the cogs in helping Yr11 to achieve 72.7% A-C this year (remembering that this was from a starting point from Jan 14) Thank you again for you continued support.
Bijal Patel
Year 10 pupil
Dormers Wells High School

"When I first started using LogOn Science last year it was fantastic, seriously, because of this online revision tool I was able to achieve 3 A*'s and an A in my Chemistry and Biology Year 10 exams (I still have to do my Physics exams in June). Your website IS amazing. With my hand on my heart I can honestly say that LogOn Science is the greatest!"

Jane Huthwaite
2i/c Science
Twyford School

"We were thrilled with the results this year – huge improvements from last year, and LogOn Science has definitely played a large part in that – particularly for our C-D borderline students so we would love to renew the subscription for this year."
"I love LogOn Science!
I almost gave up hope when I got an F in my Y10 science mocks. Then we started using LogOn Science. I loved using it, so I did loads - and guess what - my grade went up to a C. They're even talking about putting me in the higher paper!"

Year 11 pupil
About LogOn Science
LogOn Science started as my response to a problem doing practice multiple-choice tests in preparation for modular assessment. There were three ways of marking pupils' attempts:

  • I could take the work in and mark it myself - time consuming and lacking in educational value
  • I could put up correct answers on an OHP - fast, immediate and reducing my workload, but still lacking in educational value
  • I could go through each question and discuss answers with pupils - high in educational value (but only to those who got it wrong), but time consuming and boring to most pupils most of the time.

  • Solving the Problem
    It was obvious that multiple choice questions could be easily marked automatically by computers and as I worked on this it occurred to me that I could also tackle the question of educational value.

    The end result was a little suit of multiple choice tests that would mark themselves, provide a score, grade and comment and then offer help to correct mistakes - a kind of "phone a friend". This was very successful, particularly with less motivated pupils who were encouraged by the possibility of scoring full marks. This would have been the end of it, except that Edexcel decided to rearrange their 10 Module syllabus into 12 Modules, thereby rendering my tests (some 50 in all) obsolete.

    I decided at this point that this should be developed into a more serious program with some "future" proofing against over-enthusiastic exam boards! The end result is something quite different in content and purpose but maintaining much of the original philosophy.

    Marc Mellor
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