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Duane Ali
Head of Science,
Rydens Enterprise School
The feedback from the Yr10 and Yr11, using Logon Science, from 2013-14 (last academic Year group) was incredibly positive. As a dept. we set ourselves a target of 70% A-C for the Additional Science as this was an area requiring improvement. Logon Science, I believe, played a role as one of the cogs in helping Yr11 to achieve 72.7% A-C this year (remembering that this was from a starting point from Jan 14) Thank you again for you continued support.
Bijal Patel
Year 10 pupil
Dormers Wells High School

"When I first started using LogOn Science last year it was fantastic, seriously, because of this online revision tool I was able to achieve 3 A*'s and an A in my Chemistry and Biology Year 10 exams (I still have to do my Physics exams in June). Your website IS amazing. With my hand on my heart I can honestly say that LogOn Science is the greatest!"

Jane Huthwaite
2i/c Science
Twyford School

"We were thrilled with the results this year – huge improvements from last year, and LogOn Science has definitely played a large part in that – particularly for our C-D borderline students so we would love to renew the subscription for this year."
"I love LogOn Science!
I almost gave up hope when I got an F in my Y10 science mocks. Then we started using LogOn Science. I loved using it, so I did loads - and guess what - my grade went up to a C. They're even talking about putting me in the higher paper!"

Year 11 pupil
Privacy Policy

LogOn Learning Ltd. is committed to protecting our users' privacy and we offer this statement to inform our users of how we gather, use and process personally identifiable information.

Teachers and pupils can become account holders through the subscription of LogOn Science by a school.

The data we have to keep for pupil accounts is limited to:
  • Name, username and password
  • School
  • Year group
  • Class
  • Teacher
  • GCSE course
  • Assignment scores
  • email address (this is voluntary)
The data we have to keep for teacher accounts is limited to:
  • Title
  • Name, username and password
  • School
  • email address
  • Classes
  • Pupils

Why do we need to keep this data?

Pupils are invited to volunteer email addresses at registration so that we can reply to requests for forgotten passwords or replies to marking queries. Teachers are required to submit email addresses so they can be informed of new features, problems such as outages, informed of subscription expiry etc.

We have to keep this data as the minimum we need for LogOn Science to provide an online homework service. This allows teachers to identify and access pupil data in the form of scores, percentages, grades and other information processed from this raw data. We will not sell or share any personally identifiable information with any third party. Pupils will only have access to their own data and teachers will additionally only have access to data of the pupils in their school.

Normally, personally identifiable information is removed when pupils are expired from LogOn Science at the end of their course, or when their school's subscription expires. Where data has been held for longer it will be retained for no more than six years.

The lawful basis we are using for processing data is known as Legitimate Interests. This means we process people's data in ways they might expect as appropriate and have minimal impact on their privacy. There is a compelling justification for processing this information as an automated marking service cannot be delivered any other way. As a result of this processing, teachers are able to identify individual pupils as members of class groups doing particular courses and track their progress in the form of scores, percentages, grades and other information processed from this raw data.

LogOn Learning will take reasonable steps to protect account holder privacy consistent with the guidelines set forth in this policy and the law.

LogOn Learning supports the requirements and intent of the General Data Protection Regulation and will require employee and business partner compliance with this regulation.

Please help LogOn Learning to keep your records updated by notifying us of any changes to your personally identifiable information - by sending an email to our Data Controller at . If you email us, we will update our records as soon as is reasonably practicable.

If you have any questions concerning our privacy policy, please contact us by email on: . LogOn Learning reserves the right to modify, alter or otherwise revise and update this policy at any time, so users are encouraged to review this policy from time to time.

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